Our mission

CostsBeyondTuition.org was founded with the idea to provide an opportunity or a sense of relief to college students who are struggling to cover the extra Costs Beyond Tuition while attempting to pursue higher education.

Costs such as: Books, Online-Homework Fees, Supplies, College Fees, Laptops/Electronics, Wi-fi, Parking, Housing/Summer Housing, Utilities, Club Organization Fees, Transportation, Room and Board, Personal Expenses. CostsBeyondTuition.org is designed to help college students overcome the struggles and obstacles they face.

Now everyone has an opportunity to improve the life of a struggling student by donating directly to cover one or many of those costs.

Our Goals

CostsBeyondTuition.org’s mission is to connect college students to micro philanthropists aspiring to make a direct impact on college student’s needs. Our goal is to close the inequality gap and encourage college students that are struggling financially to continue pursuing their higher education.

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